Longueuil, Quebec – the Suburbanized City

Directly across from Montreal on the South shore of the Saint Lawrence River lays Longueuil, a prominent city that manages to maintain its suburban nature.  Over time, Longueuil has garnered a reputation for its breath-taking riverside view, cascade of excellent cuisines, and refreshing atmosphere. Its festivals, nightlife, and other recreational activities keep residents entertained, and the city provides commuters access to and from Montreal.

Renting Quality Apartments

There are thousands of affordable, quality studio apartments for rent throughout the city of Longueuil, especially near the Saint Lawrence River Shore. While searching for apartments for rent, get to know the various neighborhoods around this city that make living here so great. Just grab a smoothie, your best bud, and start the adventure!  Need some guidance on where to look? Use our Search by Map option to give you an idea on where to begin. Be sure to scan for key points of interest and to locate an apartment near your needs (shops, schools, etc.) and remember, an apartment with luxurious amenities will most likely cost a luxurious price. Set a budget and stick to it!

Get Involved with the Community

Just because you decided to move does not mean you must turn introvert. Get to know your new neighbors and participate in your community's festivities. Locate places to hang-out, or try that smoothie place right outside your new apartment. The possibilities are endless, but before you soar to new social heights, make your home attractive and cozy. Most importantly, enjoy Longueuil, Quebec and all it offers.  From all of us, best of luck with your search and in your new home here in Longueuil! #ApartmentLove

Published: December 27, 2016