Queen Anne Neighborhood Guide: One of Seattle's Best Areas

The Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle, Washington has a historic reputation for opulence, which can be seen in the upscale feel of the architecture. Many of the homes in Queen Anne are historic models such as Spanish, Colonial or Tudor Revival. Despite its outward fanciness, Queen Anne is family and community-focused with a passion for arts, culture and food. It's considered one of the top five best neighborhoods in Seattle, for both families and young professionals.

Brief History of Queen Anne, Seattle

Queen Anne is one of Seattle's oldest residential neighborhoods. First settled in the 1850s, the area was initially called Eden Hill because of its natural beauty. However, the nickname Queen Anne Town caught on as a result of the settlement's opulent architecture. The nickname became an official name toward the end of the century and has stuck around since then. Today, Queen Anne is a posh, thriving residential neighborhood in Seattle, known for its gorgeous historic homes, landscapes and commitment to arts & culture.

Renting in Queen Anne

Queen Anne is established as Seattle's wealthiest neighborhood. Despite its reputation, there isn't a drastic decrease in affordability between Queen Anne and many other Seattle neighborhoods. This is especially true for renters. As of 2022, the average rent cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Seattle is $1,895.

The majority of studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments for rent in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle listed on ApartmentLove are priced below average! Additionally, many units offer money-saving amenities like free on-site laundry or fitness equipment, and are pet-friendly. The Queen Anne neighborhood offers a mix of studio and one-bedroom apartment buildings and basement apartments. The latter is ideal for students attending a Seattle university who want a homey feel while away from home, or young professionals who want to get a feel for the homes in the neighborhood.

For family-sized units, meaning two bedrooms or more, the average rent price is in the mid $2,000s to mid $3,000s range. This is reasonable, considering that these larger units are luxury apartments with multiple amenities such as balconies or townhomes with backyard space. The average cost is manageable for many dual-income families, as Seattle's average annual salary is $86,000.

Things to Do and See in Queen Anne

Queen Anne's original name, Eden Hill came from its natural beauty, and hills, of course. Queen Anne's breathtaking landscapes remain intact and are best taken in at Kerry Park. Located on the southern slope of Queen Anne Hill, the park overlooks downtown Seattle for great views and lush landscapes. Visitors can take a stroll along the carefully landscaped gardens or take in the view from any of the bench and picnic areas. For a more kid-friendly park experience, head to Bayview-Kinnear Park. It's about a minute's walk from Kerry Park, has the same views, plus play areas just for kids.

Arts and culture are a big deal in Queen Anne, especially the performing arts. The Seattle Reparatory Theater is a popular destination for classic plays and modern productions alike. For music and dance, catch a show at McCaw Hall, home to both the Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet. The Experience Music Project Museum is another popular destination for the whole family. The museum offers a mix of interactive exhibits, memorabilia from greats like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, as well as pop-ups.

And of course, nobody can call themselves a true Seattleite without having visited The Space Needle at least once. At 520 feet up, visitors can see the city skyline, Elliot Bay and Mount Ranier from the all-around observation deck and dine on fresh local seafood at the rotating restaurant. Admission is $25 per person with discounts for students and children.

Food and Coffee

Seattle is for coffee lovers; It's the birthplace of Starbucks, after all. Pike's Place is actually located in the Queen Anne neighborhood! But where do locals go for a bite to eat and a pick-me-up in a cup? Queen Anne Coffee Co is a longstanding local institution with a relaxed patio. For a more upscale caffeine refill, stop by Caffe Ladro on Upper Queen Anne where you can pair your coffee with a rich, delicious pastry.

Seattle is also famous for its fresh seafood. Matt's Fish Basket is an affordable local favorite, while Toulouse Petit Kitchen and Lounge offers a tasty Creole twist on seafood. Betty is a great option for a family, homestyle meal. But for authentic, indulgent Italian food, every Queen Anne local knows to try How to Cook a Wolf.

Once infamous for its poshness and snobbery, the Queen Anne neighborhood has become one of culture and experiences, perfect for families, professionals and everyone in between. It's fairly on par with Seattle's general affordability, and may even be more affordable for renters than owners. Check out apartments for rent in Queen Anne, Seattle today!

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Published: January 13, 2023