Northeast Portland's 9 Best Areas to Live in 2023

Northeast Portland is a quadrant of the city known for its unique businesses, food and fun. This quadrant of the city is comprised of some of the best areas in the city: the Alberta Arts District, Beaumont-Wilshire, Cully, Hollywood, Llyod, Roseway, Sandy Boulevard, 28th Avenue and 42nd Avenue. Each of these locations is teeming with diversity, history and fun things to do. It's no surprise this is the most popular quadrant to look for apartments for rent in Portland.

We have broken down the pros and cons of living in each of these areas, plus all the basics prospective renters need to know before getting an apartment rental in Northeast Portland.

The Alberta Arts District

The Alberta Arts District is best-known for its arts and culture. There are a variety of galleries and art events like Guardino Gallery, Nucleus, Antler and the Alberta Street Gallery. It's a popular neighborhood among art students and young professionals, as it is home to arts academies and many of the galleries in this district host free monthly events such as First Thursdays and First Fridays.

They are a great opportunity to experience arts and culture without breaking the bank. Having an apartment rental in the district guarantees the best experience, as it is easier to beat the crowds instead of getting lost in a swarm. Apartments for rent in the Alberta Arts District are typically studio apartments or one-bedroom apartments with transit stops nearby. While this neighborhood is slightly more expensive than Portland's average in terms of rent, it is well worth it for students and art lovers.


The Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood is all about balance. Despite being an older, wealthier and quieter area of Northeast Portland, residents can enjoy delicious doughnuts, classic and creative coffees, terrific nature trails, relaxing yoga and practical shopping. Locals love to start their day with a sweet treat from Pip's Doughnuts & Chai, or for a savory start to the day, try The Little Griddle.

The Portland Japanese Garden and Wilshire Park are local favorites for some refreshing outdoor time. Wilshire Park has gorgeous trails, an off-leash dog park and an accessible picnic area, plus other family-friendly amenities.

For those in search of a unique shopping experience, Found on Fremont, Adorn, and The Arrangement offer vintage clothing, gifts and home décor. Or take a stroll through the Beaumont Market. It's always open until midnight, and carries the freshest produce from local growers, plus lots of tasty artisanal beers and wines, or interesting gifts for everyone.

Beaumont is the perfect area for families in search of their next home. Two-bedroom and three-bedroom townhouses are the most common rent accommodations in the neighborhood. While many Beaumont residents own homes, renting is the ideal way to get a feel for the area, and Northeast Portland as a whole, without the worries that come with ownership.


Cully is another one of Northeast Portland's most family-friendly districts. It is also one of the largest geographically. The district is best-known for its suburban homes and greenspaces. Among local favorites is KÊ°unamokwst Park. Opened in 2015, the park is one of the best spots to take kids. The park has multiple interactive water play stations, picnic areas and learning areas that can teach everyone a little something about the native plants and other flora planted in the park.

The Cully Farmers Market is another hotspot of this neighborhood. It is open every Thursday seasonally, from July to September, from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. In addition to locally-grown fruits and vegetables, the Cully Farmer's Market hosts a popup library, live music from popular local musicians and other family-oriented activities that vary by week. Much like in Beaumont, apartments for rent in Cully, Northeast Portland, are family style homes with two to three bedrooms. Cully is considered quiet, safe and the perfect place for families with little ones and pets.


Like its more famous twin in California, Hollywood in Northeast Portland is all about the performing arts, theater and entertainment. It is the home of some of Portland's oldest and most beloved institutions, like the Hollywood Theatre, which originally opened in 1926. Now, it's a non-profit organization that shows one-of-a-kind exclusive indie films.

There are also several movie theaters that serve alcohol, known as Brew 'N' Views. Fun, game-packed dive bars and arcades are also a big deal in Hollywood. Local favorites include Wedgehead, famous for its retro pinball machines, and Sam's Billiards.

Hollywood is also Portland's go-to neighborhood for diverse Asian food. Chin's Kitchen is famous for its Northern Chinese food and Gado serves up authentic Indonesian eats. Apartments for rent in Hollywood, Northeast Portland is incredibly popular. In fact, Hollywood is one of the most desirable districts in all of Portland.

Despite being on the higher end of Portland's average rent cost, young professionals flock to Hollywood because of its stunning studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments for rent, and the endless entertainment options available. Hollywood also houses one of Portland's major transit hubs, simplifying the daily commute for many non-driving residents.


Across the Willamette River from downtown Portland, Lloyd is the spot for people who love the hustle and bustle of city centers. While Lloyd isn't Portland's center, it is the location of many popular entertainment and commercial attractions including Lloyd Center Mall and the Oregon Convention Center, which is the home court for the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers. This gives it a very downtown feel.

This neighborhood may seem very commercial, but there are also lots of quirky markets, shops, activities and restaurants that are true to Portland's “weird” reputation. Kitchen Kaboodle is the stop for designer kitchenware like Le Creuset, or cool homemade crafts that make great gifts and home accents. Broadway Books is another famous local hangout. The independent bookstore carries new & used literature from local authors, as well as international bestsellers. And for a quick, tasty bite, locals love Cartside Food Carts, a food stall pod that serves a variety of cuisines, including Mexican and Thai.

Apartments for rent in LLoyd, Northeast Portland are in high demand because of its downtown feel and easy transit access. Lloyd is quickly and easily accessible from any part of Portland via the streetcar system or MAX Light Rail. The demand means rental prices in Lloyd are slightly above Portland's average rental cost, but worth it for the convenience and proximity to downtown.


Roseway is a luxurious neighborhood full of exotic and local fusion eats, family fun and Art Deco style landmarks. With a little bit of everything for everyone, it's no wonder Roseway is among the top ten places to live in all of Portland. A visit to the Roseway Theater is a must for all residents. The independent, Art Deco Style Theater has been open since 1925, and offers visitors a glimpse into history with their unique setup and offerings. True to the cinematic experience of the 1920s, the theater has a single screen, only 330 seats, and only runs three shows per day.

The Grotto is another locally beloved location, originally created as a Roman Catholic Shrine to the Virgin Mary. While Portland has many parks that are all worth a visit, The Grotto is set apart by its woodland sanctuary and flowery botanical gardens that are a year-round natural haven from the busy city.

For more family friendly park options, Wellington and Rose City Park have safe children's play areas and peaceful picnic locations. And for all the little witches, archeologists and adventurers, Ed's House of Gems is a perfect weekend activity. The store has been open since 1963 and is a true Portland mainstay.

Now, we can't forget about food. Locals love the Oregon Burrito at La Parilla. This fusion classic is simply a burrito stuffed with steak and potatoes. Ohana Hawaiian Café is a trip to Hawaii in every bite, offering snackable Hawaiian classics like spam musubi. Roseway really is the perfect family-oriented location, but when it comes to looking for apartments for rent in Roseway, Portland, there are some important considerations.

It is important to know that although the community caters to families, there is a good mix of one-bedroom apartments for rent, and larger rental units with two to three bedrooms as well. Secondly, it can be a little bit expensive. In Roseway, the average one-bedroom apartment rental is about $1,500 per month, $200 more than the Portland average. It's not a huge difference, but worth thinking about.

If you want an apartment with more character, the extra expense is worth it. Much of Roseway's architecture is restored from the Roaring 20s era. This makes maintenance a little more expensive, but still cheaper for renters than if they had to cover full costs out of pocket. Additionally, Roseway has a strong non-profit culture that provides dedicated support to its residents. Residents can be compensated for childcare, living costs and educational pursuits, among others.

Sandy Boulevard

Sandy Boulevard is a major road that crosses many neighborhoods all throughout Portland, but its Northeast stretch is especially attractive for young people and professionals. Rent in this part of Northeast Portland is considered affordable for younger residents, as there are apartments for rent as low as $1,100 per month a two-bedroom unit. This area is part of the Portland Business Loop, one of the important commercial areas of Portland, and boasts easy access to Portland International Airport. Affordable rent and plentiful employment opportunities make Sandy Boulevard unsurprisingly popular among young people, and the culture of the area reflects that.

The commercial area, lovingly known as the Sandy Strip is laden with vintage shops, coffeehouses, brunch spots and lively dive bars with handcrafted cocktails. Sandy Hut is one of Portland's oldest and most favorite spots. The dive bar initially opened in 1923 and has stood the test of time for a whole century! This rowdy spot still has their iconic jukebox blasting a variety of tunes from heavy metal to classics. They even offer live music and fun twists on bar food classics that keep patrons coming.

28th Avenue

Another creative and foodie Portland district, 28th Avenue is best known for its craft beer and theater, oftentimes together. Laurelhurst Theater is a great example of this. The historic theater opened in 1923, and now show second-run films for a discounted price of $4 per person, while serving gourmet snacks like craft pizza or their own micro-brew beer.

Other popular bars in the area include Angel Face, adored for its soft, floral aesthetic and custom to order cocktails. For those who prefer to be with nature, give Laurelhurst Park a try. The quaint duck pond sets it apart from other Portland parks. They also offer a variety of free public events like concerts, exercise classes and tours year-round. Apartments for rent in the 28th Avenue area are a good mix of one-bedroom apartment rentals and family-style apartment rentals with two bedrooms or more.

Here, rent prices are on par with Portland's average prices, but apartments for rent in the 28th Avenue district offer the widest range of amenities available in any Northeast Portland neighborhoods. That is what makes it special. Some of the amenities prospective renters can expect to find in the 28th Avenue area include pet-friendly units, balconies, air conditioning and kitchens with a dishwasher. As a note to those with fur babies, this is one of the most pet-friendly places in the whole city!

42nd Avenue

Family and farm vibes define the 42nd Avenue area, as many of its local businesses are family-owned, and it was once the location of one of Portland's first dairy farms. Now, the neighborhood is described as eclectic with a variety of inclusive activities to try. Fernhill Park is essential for outdoor activities like soccer or volleyball, plus they offer solo and family-oriented events for free, all year round.

For a workout that does not feel like exercise, visit Commotion Dance Studio. They welcome all people of all ages and abilities to join their group dance classes. For a more zen vibe, check out Side Yard Farm. They offer delicious multicourse meals, free workshops and movie nights.

This part of the city is designed for families, with a variety of two-bedroom and three-bedroom units available for rent, many of them standalone or semidetached homes with plenty of yard space. Most units are also pet-friendly, and rent for almost $500 below Portland's usual rent cost for units of comparable size.

With such vastly different focuses and so many incredible options for food, drink and fun, deciding where to rent in Northeast Portland can be a challenge, but not impossible. Renters can find the feeling of home in any one of Northeast Portland's wonderfully weird places and spaces.

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Published: January 07, 2023