Parks, Parks, and More Parks

Mississauga is home to more than 480 parks, marinas, and woodlands. Take a stroll through the Rattray Marsh Conservation area where you will see an array of wildlife such as deer, snakes, and frogs. If you are looking to rent an apartment or condo near one of the many great parks in this city, use our map search to help you find something close by.

Where to Go and What to Do

If you are up for some sightseeing, consider visiting Streetsville. It's a quaint little village within Mississauga that is filled with lots of great shops and restaurants.  Feeling a little lazy and looking to take advantage of the warm southern Ontario summers, find a bottle of wine, assemble some meats and cheeses and have yourself a picnic!  The rolling waters of Lake Ontario will make for the perfect setting for you and your loved ones to unplug and connect at the same time.

Feed the Inner Foodie

While you may enjoy cooking in your own kitchen, explore the city and sample dishes from across Mississauga.  From all-day breakfast places to hide-away pubs with their own unique spin on traditional favorite; there’s much to get excited about in Mississauga and certainly a plate to satisfy even the most discerning of palates. Inspired and varied as the people that call Mississauga home, food is one of the many things to love about renting in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities.

Published: December 20, 2016