Make Rental Lists

The first list prospective renters are encouraged to make is a simple summary of the features and amenities you feel you need in your new home.  This can include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, monthly rent and other "non-negotiable" items such as the availability of pets and availability of parking.

The second list prospective renters should build is a summary of the features and amenities you want, but do not necessarily require in your new home.  Items on this list vary immensely from person to person.  While one renter may want crown molding, open-concept kitchen and city views; another renter may wish for plenty of natural light, granite counter tops and convenient access to public transit.  

Having built your two lists identifying both your must haves and your nice to haves, begin your apartment search.  Focus your search on properties that first dovetail with you need to haves and filter those results for the properties that capture as many of your wish list items.  Having narrowed your results down to a select few, contact each respective landlord and schedule some viewings!

Get the Word Out

In addition to searching for properties online, such as via, contact your friends, family members and other connections you have in the region and let them all know you are moving.  Ask them to keep watch of any new listings they see and to forward all available leads over to you.  A member of your network may know of a great place that has not yet formally been added to the market and could give you a glowing reference and recommendation to your would-be landlord.  Tactics such as these are a great way to expand your search and will ultimately have you renting the home of your dreams faster than you think.  Wherever life takes you, know that you are sure to find a home here in Everett, WA.  #ApartmentLove

Published: December 21, 2016