Renting an apartment in Seattle can be a difficult and complex process. Knowing what time of the year to start looking and the websites that can help you snag a better deal will make a world of a difference.

The real estate market is seen as a seasonal (or cyclical) phenomenon. By paying attention to these cycles, you may have a better chance of finding the perfect houses for rent in Seattle.

While a variety of personal factors must be considered when choosing the best time to rent—such as budget and the urgency of a move—a potential tenant would be wise to wait to rent at a time of low rates.

In this blog post, our real estate experts explore a question that sits at the top of every tenant’s mind – when is the best time to rent an apartment in Seattle? Read on to learn more.

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Whether you’re looking for apartments, houses, or townhomes for rent in Seattle, the period between May and September is the best time to search for your new home. The reason for that is that these are the busiest months in the real estate world. Several life changes tend to take place during these months. College-bound students tend to leave home around this time. College graduates also seek new accommodations closer to where they start their careers (this usually causes an increase in searches for ‘apartments for rent near me’). Moreover, families use this time to move or upgrade their accommodations as it has no impact on their children’s education.

There are some pros and cons to finding apartments in the Seattle area during the summer months. For instance, the process is much simpler because there is a larger inventory. As well, there is a wider selection of apartments to choose from. With that comes a few disadvantages, such as higher rental fees.

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The winter season usually yields low rental rates. The best time to rent apartments in Seattle is right after the Christmas and New Year holidays. Demand is usually at its lowest at this time of the year and therefore optimal for finding the best bargains. The biggest disadvantage to moving during the winter months is the low levels of moving activity and turnover. This may make it difficult to find exactly the type of apartment you would like.

How Early Should Tenants Start to Search for a Rental Apartment

First thing’s first, it is important to determine the season in which you want to make your move. Once you have determined your targeted moving period, your next goal is to narrow the choice down to a specific month. Let's say you want to be living in your rental by October. The best time to start your search for an appropriate apartment is 30-60 days prior. You want to give yourself plenty of time to view the listings, book a tour, and make the move.

Should You Break the Terms of Your Current Lease for Bargain Deal?

This is the most frequently asked question among tenants who use our website. The inquiry usually reads something like, “I found a great deal on your website, but my lease is not up until the summer”.

Unless there is a valid reason, it is not recommended to break the terms of a current lease. Breaking a lease early can result in you losing your security deposit and burning bridges with your landlord. This is not a good idea as references may be needed to find another rental apartment.

We also recommend carefully reading your lease terms before embarking on the process. If after all the considerations you decide to break the lease early, provide your landlord with notice and offer to help them find potential tenants to avoid penalties.

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Published: June 15, 2021