Magnolia, Seattle is the city’s best kept secret! Located in central Seattle, the Magnolia neighborhood is right next to the very popular Queen Anne neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, Magnolia offers all of Queen Anne’s historic, high-end beauty, without the nearly 4.1 million tourists annually. It’s the perfect place for families or individuals looking for a haven within a big city.

Like with every move, a bit of background information on your new hometown is useful. ApartmentLove can not only help you find an amazing apartment for rent in Seattle, but we also put together a comprehensive guide to what newcomers to Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood can expect.

Magnolia Housing Types and Costs

Magnolia is one of Seattle’s more affluent neighborhoods. While home ownership is common, finding an apartment for rent in Seattle, particularly in Magnolia itself, is the best way to settle into the neighborhood without all the responsibility and heavy upfront costs of owning a home in Magnolia. Like nearby Queen Anne, many of the homes are historical designs.

Tudor, Spanish, Colonial, and Craftsman-style homes are common. The upkeep for these styles can be a lot to handle, so finding an apartment for rent is ideal. Bungalows are also quite popular, so many one-bedroom and studio apartments in Magnolia are converted basements in bungalows. Family-style living is the most common accommodation in Magnolia; the neighborhood is designed with families in mind. It is very easy to find a apartment for rent. In fact, anything up to a four-bedroom apartment rental is available in Magnolia, Seattle.

In terms of the costs of renting an apartment in Magnolia, Seattle, it is worth noting that rent prices are slightly above the national average. The median monthly rent in Magnolia is:

  • A studio or one-bedroom apartment averages out at about $1455/month
  • A two-bedroom apartment is about $1995/month
  • A three-bedroom apartment costs roughly $3095/month
  • A four-bedroom apartment rental costs $3500/month, on average

While this might seem outrageous, many of the apartments for rent listed on ApartmentLove have a monthly cost below Magnolia’s averages. Also, salaries in Seattle are quite high compared to the national average. The typical Seattle resident has an annual salary of $85k.

Lifestyle in Magnolia

Magnolia is one of those neighborhoods that radiates balance and relaxation. The neighborhood is surrounded by water and has some breathtaking natural landscapes. To the north, Magnolia borders Salmon Bay. To the south, there is Elliot Bay. On the west side, Magnolia touches Puget Sound and Interbay is to the east.

Being surrounded by water at all four corners might make Magnolia solitary, but its solitude is also its strongest point. Magnolia once held a military base, which has since become Discovery Park, Seattle’s largest green space! The park quite literally has a little bit of everything: a forest, beaches, meadows, hiking trails, and even a historic lighthouse. Spanning 534 acres in total, Discovery Park is the perfect weekend adventure for everyone.

Magnolia is a quiet neighborhood, but it has its own micro-downtown commercial district, lovingly nicknamed “The Village”. This area is home to a few beloved local eateries including Palisade and Uptown Espresso (Seattle is famous for its coffee after all). This district is also where residents can catch the ferry to Seattle’s main downtown. Apartments for rent in this area of Magnolia give residents the best of both worlds; the peace of a secluded neighborhood and easy access to city life whenever city life is wanted.

It's important to note that the geography of Magnolia has a major impact on how residents commute. Magnolia is not the most easily walkable, especially when trying to access the rest of Seattle. Most locals drive. However, the public transport in Magnolia is extremely reliable, so taking the bus is a good option for those who do not drive.

For the Parents

Magnolia is exceptionally family-oriented and is especially amenable to families with young children. The neighborhood has an above-average safety rating and a crime rate that is 96% lower than the national average. Childhood education is also a priority in the area. Magnolia hosts three schools, two schools serving children ranging from kindergarten to grade eight, and one high school. Parents even have the luxury of choice with their child’s education.

Our Lady Fatima School provides private education for children from kindergarten to grade eight, while Catherine Blaine K – 8 provides a solid public education. Catherine Blaine K – 8 is also close to Ella Bailey Park. Smaller than Discovery Park, Ella Bailey Park features play areas for young children. There are a variety of homes and apartments for rent near all three of Magnolia's schools, so the morning school run will be as quick as can be.

Finally, for parents in search of some educational weekend fun, Magnolia is home to the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. Here, kids and adults can learn about Aboriginal history in Seattle, and the United States as a whole.

A move to Magnolia may be exactly what your family needs. Look for an apartment for rent in Magnolia, Seattle and find the feeling of home today.

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Published: October 17, 2022