Location, Location! LOCATION!!

There are six centers that make up Surrey; Fleetwood, North Surrey, Guildford, Newton, Cloverdale, and South Surrey. The communities in Surrey are quite diverse and many of the residents have a first language other than English.  Cultural influences bring with them unique and creative cuisine, art, music, business and ideas of all kinds.  Those seeking unique or novel experiences are strongly encouraged to research each of the city centers and to learn all they provide and afford.

Make a List

Knowing your budget is a great help, but identifying which features and amenities are most important makes a huge difference.  As a renter, your ability to be flexible and reasonable when considering which rental is best for you, given your current needs, will make your apartment search that much more efficient.  Start with the obvious items like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you (and your roommates) require and work backwards from there.  List each of the features presented by each property.  Cross of those which aren't of any real interest to you to focus your search.  

Be Prepared

Stay positive and stay focused.  When you find a home that will work for you and yours, contact the owner and submit your application.  Have your references, credit and criminal record checks readily available and share them with the owner before they even ask.  Show that you're excited and that you genuinely want the apartment.  Demonstrate to the owner that you're professional and prepared.  Given them reason to get excited about you as a tenant in the same way that you're getting excited about them as a landlord.

Stay Positive

There are many great apartments and condos for rent in Surrey.  While competition for choice apartments can be fierce, a positive attitude and a warm smile can go a long way.  Wherever life takes you, know that you're home in Surrey.  #ApartmentLove 

Published: December 20, 2016