A garage apartment is a renovated garage or carport turned into a living space, often beside the main property. It is a rather popular type of home conversions, because it can be done entirely within the existing main building. Many single people and even couples can find a pleasant home within a garage apartment, but knowing what to look out for and knowing the Pros and Cons can make a huge difference between a dream home and a not so ideal living space! Today we are diving deep into the most important things you need to know to find a garage apartment that best meets your needs! So, whether you are looking for Garage apartments for rent in Houston or anywhere else across the US we wish you happy hunting!

Two Types of Garage Apartments for Rent

One characterizing factor in carport transformations is how much space is accessible: one story or two.

One-story carport changes:

The most common kind is essentially renting a room or a studio unit. It might not have direct admittance to a restroom without going through the fundamental house. On the other hand, it can often be fully equipped and comparable to a normal studio or bachelor unit if you’re lucky they may resemble a 1-bedroom garage apartment. And take note, often one can find one story Garage apartments for rent in Houston.

Two-story Carport Changes

A freestanding garage, or a garage with a storage unit on the second floor above the garage, can be converted to a two-story garage unit that's like a full apartment or "tiny house" adjacent to the main house.

In case you're hoping to lease a completely independent unit, there will likewise should be thought for warming and cooling, plumbing/restroom, kitchen, and windows.

Red Flags to Avoid when Renting a Garage Apartment in Houston

On the off chance that a renovated carport loft doesn't have windows or a traditional way to the outside, isn't retrofitted with warming, or has just a couple of power plugs, then, at that point, it might not have been done to code.

Additionally, if the electrical, stylistic theme, or plumbing work appears to have been DIY’ed, it might have been done unpermitted. The issue with this isn't only that the space probably won't be excessively agreeable; it very well may be risky. As always knowledge is power, so please keep an eye out for things such as housing permits, DIY and whether it has been done to code and done well! DIY work can be just fine and we have recently seen great examples of DIY building across Garage apartments in Houston heights.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Carport Condo


  • Comparable expense to leasing a room in a house.
  • Can offer more security (private passageway) than leasing a room.
  • Some carport condos are full ADUs with washroom and kitchenette.
  • Landlords live on property for simple access when something's messed up.


  • Landlords live on property and maybe are overly conscious of your actions and space.
  • Some carport condos are poorly DIY'ed e.g., smell, slanting floor.
  • As a mainstream DIY project, many carport lofts are unpermitted and accordingly not up to code with electric, HVAC, protection, and so forth

ApartmentLove - Is a Garage Apartment Rental Ideal for You in Houston Texas?

Garage apartments for rent in Houston or across the US are totally viable options for your residential needs. They can be similar to an average studio or bachelor unit. If you know what to look for, from unwanted DIYs, to permits and having a safe and liveable place, then garage apartments can be wonderful. At ApartmentLove we want to help you find your dream home and knowledge is power when it comes to determining what best fits your needs!

Here at ApartmentLove we have made it easy for you to find your dream home rental. Visit us today and search through all the available garage apartment rentals available in the Houston Texas area.

Published: August 22, 2021