Seattle's Top 5 Suburban Neighborhoods

Are you thinking about making a move to the east coast? Do you want to raise a family in Seattle? Is Seattle's downtown core overwhelming? You may want to consider Seattle's suburbs! ApartmentLove knows that affordability, safety and nearby amenities are top of mind for many looking for apartments for rent in Seattle, especially if you have kids or plan to start a family. Here are our top five neighborhoods in Seattle's suburbs.

1. Mercer Island

Taking the crown in ApartmentLove's ranking of the best Seattle suburbs is Mercer Island. This island suburb community is exclusive, private and cozy. In terms of affordability, keep in mind that privacy comes at a price. One-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment rentals on Mercer Island cost about $2000 per month, including amenities and utilities. Three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartment rentals cost about $5000 per month. But the perks are worth the price; There were only ten crimes overall on Mercer Island in the last year. Highways connect Mercer Island to amenities in Bellevue in 30 minutes or less, and ferries offer a more scenic commute to mainland downtown Seattle.

On the island, Luther Burbank Park, Groveland Beach Park and Deane's Children's Park are the most popular greenspaces to relax and play in. Other well-liked spots to visit include Island Books, a popular independent bookstore that is kid-friendly and have lots of fun learning options for littles. Oh! Chocolate is another must-visit location for locals and anyone thinking of moving to the Mercer Island community. This locally owned shop offers homemade gourmet chocolates and truffles. They also offer weeknight adult-only workshops and classes for anyone interested in learning about chocolate and chocolate making, because who says you have to outgrow your sweet tooth?

2. Bothell

Bothell is one of the most family-focused suburbs in all of Washington state. Apartments for rent in Bothell reflect this too, as most of them are between two and four bedrooms. Rent prices are on the low to average end, ranging from $1950 for a two-bedroom apartment rental to $2700 a month for three-bedroom or four-bedroom apartments for rent. The suburb is known for its community attitude, with some of the best schools in the state, and community centers that provide kid-friendly activities and services. A visit to Blyth Park, the Woodland Park Zoo, or Elevated Trampoline Park are favorite activities among Bothell residents.

3. Redmond

Much like Bellevue, this Seattle suburb is famous for being a tech hub. Redmond is one of Seattle's most affordable suburban areas when looking for apartments for rent, is generally safe, and there are plenty of notable amenities. Finding an apartment for rent in Redmond is easy and affordable. Studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments for rent cost roughly $1100 per month. Two-bedroom apartments for rent in Redmond are about $2000 per month. Three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments cost about $3500 per month, including amenities and utilities, which is on par with national averages.

It's also a relatively safe area, and on par with the average US city in terms of crime rate. Schools typically hold A+ academic ratings and have partnerships with local companies like Nintendo of America and AT&T. There are also many family-friendly activities and amenities in the area as well, such as shopping at the Redmond Town Center, exploring Idylwood Park or visiting the Microsoft Visitor Center. This cute Seattle suburb is a balanced and relaxed neighborhood, perfect for families.

4. Bellevue

Bellevue is considered a premium neighborhood to live in, with lots to do and a focus on diversity, education and innovation. Unlike Sammamish, Bellevue has a good mix of apartments for rent. It's easy to find a one-bedroom apartment for rent, and possible to find up to five-bedroom apartments for rent too. It's to be noted that it's not always the most affordable, though. In fact, rent here is about 16% more expensive than the average downtown Seattle rentals. The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment for rent in Bellevue is $1850 per month. Two-bedroom apartments for rent average at $2200 a month, and three-bedroom, four-bedroom and five-bedroom family-style apartments for rent average to about $4500 a month.

The prices are reflective of the quality of life and are worth it considering all that Bellevue has to offer. The overall crime rate in this area is less than 10%. Its high schools offer public or private education, many ranking highly by international standards and offering opportunities with local tech companies like Microsoft. There are lots of great family-friendly activities in Bellevue too, like the KidsQuest Children's Museum. For a more peaceful day, take a stroll through the Bellevue Botanical Garden. You'll never be bored in Bellevue!

5. Sammamish

Sammamish is quiet, quaint and full of natural beauty. It is a diverse, highly educated and family-oriented neighborhood, perfect for raising kids. The majority of apartments for rent in this Seattle suburb are family-style homes with up to four bedrooms. This means that the average rent is a bit higher than neighborhoods with more singleton-oriented units. The average rental cost in Sammamish is approximately $3500 for a three-bedroom or four-bedroom apartment for rent. This is on par with national rent averages for full home rentals like the ones in Sammamish. Plus, most of these rentals include utilities, air conditioning, garages and allows pets at no extra charge.

This neighborhood is very safe, the overall combined rate in the neighborhood is 7%, and most people know each other in this tight-knit community. In terms of amenities, the neighborhood is home to several schools with a 9/10 ranking and nationally-recognized specialties. There are also lots of outdoor spaces and activities; take a swim in Lake Sammamish or hike at Illahee Trail Park. There's always something new to explore in Sammamish.

Seattle's suburbs have much to offer, especially for families and tech professionals. If the city hustle and bustle isn't for you, use ApartmentLove's search filters to find affordable neighborhoods and apartments to rent in Seattle suburbs.

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Published: January 31, 2023