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Known for its world class museums, its vibrant culture and of course its pizza, the city of Chicago is one of the most popular Midwestern destinations for professionals, university students, young families, and retirees. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance lifestyle or you want freedom from the responsibilities and limitations of home ownership, there is an apartment for rent in Chicago that is right for you: from condos to homes with parking and fully furnished accommodations there is a variety of rental opportunities to choose from.

Apartment living offers a wide range of unique amenities and experiences. Many communities offer on-site luxuries such as free parking, pools and spas, fitness centers and clubhouses. There are many pet friendly options that accommodate pets of all types and sizes and feature on-site dog parks and walking paths. Numerous apartment complexes foster a unique sense of community by hosting social events, carry-ins, and holiday parties exclusively for residents, offering a great opportunity to get to know the neighbours. With leasing options that range from a few months to multiple years, apartment living is a wonderful option for those who want to enjoy city life without being tied to a mortgage. is a leading apartment rental resource and website, serving private landlords, property managers and prospective tenants. We gather and report, in real-time, the current cost of living for cities across Canada and the United States. This table summarizes the average, minimum and maximum monthly rent of apartments in Chicago, Illinois.


Covering more than 200 square miles, the city of Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and among the largest cities in the Midwest. When choosing an apartment in Chicago, consider factors such as where you will be working or attending school, whether you need easy access to public transportation or how close you want to be to area amenities.

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Chicago is historical and full of architectural inspiration. There are many neighborhoods that encompass both schools, museums, and famous architecture and more... check out some of these neighborhoods for this!

South Loop Linkin Park Gold Coast Magnificent Mile River North


Evaluate your monthly income and expenses to determine how much money you can afford to pay on rent. As a rule of thumb, many property managers and landlords want to see an income that is at least three times, and sometimes as much as four times, more than the rent payment. Reviewing your unique financial situation, including your income, any debt payments, and other living expenses, will help you determine exactly what you can pay each month.


Are you interested in a quiet suburban rental home, a high-rise apartment with top-of-the-line amenities and ample parking or an economically priced studio apartment? When it comes to housing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Apartment living gives you nearly limitless options to help you ensure that your home fits your unique set of needs and lifestyle.


Whether you prefer first-rate luxuries like concierge services, indoor heated pools and spas or on-site fitness centers or you're looking for a quiet, private rental home for your growing family, you're sure to find the rental that fits your lifestyle. Once you've narrowed your options by location and cost, consider what amenities are must-haves, which ones are nice-to-haves and which ones you'd be willing to sacrifice for the right location, style, and cost.

Act Quickly

As one of the Midwest's most densely populated regions, Chicago has a continually active rental housing market. If you find a home that you love, make every effort to get in touch with the landlord, property manager or apartment manager as soon as possible. Waiting even a day or two to make the call or send an email could result in your losing out on the home you want.

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Published: November 08, 2021