Brookline: Pittsburgh's Family-Friendly Rental Neighborhood

Once an industrial city, Pittsburgh has made a remarkable comeback. The city now has a strong reputation as a family-friendly city. Many families choose to find an apartment rental, as this housing option is inexpensive and takes away the pressures of home ownership. At the moment, Brookline is the most popular neighborhood for families looking for apartments for rent in Pittsburgh.

Is Brookline, Pittsburgh an affordable neighborhood?

Brookline has some of the cheapest rent prices and flexible living options in all of Pittsburgh. Most of the units on the market in Pittsburgh are family-oriented, meaning they're generally two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartment rentals. Additionally, renters have the luxury of finding furnished or unfurnished apartment rentals, or with amenities like air conditioning or a gym.

Families looking for apartments for rent in this Pittsburgh neighborhood can find three-bedroom apartment rentals for under $1500 a month. That's one third of the national average cost for units of a comparable size! And, although the rental market in Brookline is geared toward families, the neighborhood is also a great option for young singles and professionals on a budget. There's an increasing number of studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments for rent in the neighborhood, and almost all of them are priced at under $1000 per month. That's almost $500 below national averages for units of the same size. Brookline's cheap rent makes it easy for anyone and everyone to find their ideal apartment rental in Pittsburgh.

Suburban Feel with Urban Amenities

Pittsburgha's gentrification has made the city more urban, but it still has a strong suburban setup and feeling. This gives residents the best of both worlds. There are multiple greenspaces and outdoor activities like hiking and biking trails, and residents will occasionally catch a glimpse of wildlife. But there's also the benefit of urban luxuries like expansive highways, reliable public transit and malls. One awesome fact about Pittsburgh's urban public transit is that they operate a free fare zone in downtown areas of the city, making it even more affordable for residents. These amenities are fairly available, but given the city's more suburban feel, it's always best to see what is available near your apartment rental location and establish whether it meets your lifestyle needs. Brookline also has the relative safety of suburbia, perfect for families.

Things to do in Brookline, Pittsburgh

Brookline, Pittsburgh is an unlikely source of cultural diversity and fun activities. The local restaurants truly reflect this. Brookline is home to a Mexican bakery, Italian restaurant and a Middle Eastern shawarma spot. All of these locations have meal options under $25, and welcome families. In terms of activities, The Brookline branch of the Carnegie Library is among the most beautiful ones and offers lots of programming for children. You can also visit the many shops on Brookline Boulevard, including the Geekadrome, a quirky comic shop that also hosts events.

The outdoors is also a big deal in Pittsburgh, but especially in Brookline. The Brookline Memorial Park Recreation Center is a perfect example of this. There is an outdoor playground for the kids, four ballfields and an indoor recreation facility with a variety of free and low-cost exercise programming for people of all ages and abilities. For a more intense and grown-up outdoor experience, book a lesson at the nationally-recognized True North Wilderness Survival School. Here, attendees have the option to choose between short workshops or intensive classes on topics such as wilderness survival, unassisted land navigation or wilderness medicine and first aid. This training center is legally authorized by the highest US standards.

In short, Brookline is easily one of the best affordable neighborhoods to live in all of Pittsburgh. It may seem like an unassuming residential neighborhood, but it boasts dining variety, major greenspaces and proximity to major roads and transit stops that get you downtown in no time! Residents don't have to choose between urban amenities or a sense of quaint suburban familiarity and community. But the best part of Brookline is its affordability. With apartment rental costs falling well below national averages across all unit types, families and young people alike can find their perfect unit, and save money.

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Published: February 15, 2023