Why rent in San Diego?

San Diego has consistently been rated as one of the best places to live in the entire United States!  The average year-round temperature stays within the 70s, thanks to the wondrous ocean breezes, and with a strong tourism industry there's a good number of well-paying jobs readily available throughout the year.

Carlsbad is known for its active beach culture and its improved infrastructure, which makes it safer for residents to bike or walk around town. If you eschew the mega-retail establishment, the South Park area of San Diego may be better suited for you.  This close-knit community is home to eclectic shops and restaurants abound.

The Safe and Easy Way

For those of you considering a move to San Diego, the best advice we can give is to do your homework.  While you're sure to find many great apartments with some insane views of the Pacific, keep to your budget and focus on what's best for you. Before you hit up the beach and bust out your moves downtown, know what you can afford and stay within your means.  Use our Search by Map feature and identify the areas you're most likely to be spending your time.  A great new apartment that has you commuting over an hour in each direction to and from work will cut into your time on the beach.

Next Steps

After you've found your new place, we strongly recommend investing in a comfortable couch... it's best that you have a place for your envious friends to crash when they come for a visit.  Most importantly, enjoy your apartment search and your time spent in beautiful San Diego!! 


Published: December 20, 2016