Neighborhoods in Portland, OR | You Have Multiple Options | Apartments for Rent in Portland

Known for its diverse population, funky and eclectic neighborhoods, and its cultural attractions, Portland is one of the most popular cities in the Pacific Northwest. Portland is home to artists, professionals, young families, and seniors. The thriving rental market in Portland makes the city accessible for those that want to experience life in the city. There are apartments for rent in Portland Oregon that are affordable for many types of budgets. College students are able to find a studio or shared apartments near campus and professionals can find luxury apartments near downtown. Whether you're looking for a furnished apartment, condo or house with in-suite laundry, or parking garage or a place with a pool , our website is sure to find the best apartment for rent in Portland option customized to your preferences.

Apartment living in Portland is popular for everyone, from students to seniors, for a variety of reasons. The affordability of renting cheap apartments is a big draw for students whereas the modern amenities are attractive to busy professionals that like the idea of having everything in one place. Many rental communities offer their residents a social calendar throughout the month, including sip and paint nights, movie nights for the family, or happy hours. Getting to know the neighbors is no longer a thing of the past in many Portland, Oregon communities.

However, Portland does have a higher cost of living than many cities in the United States. Like other cities on the West Coast, it experienced a boom with the tech industry that caused the cost of living to rise. That is why it is best to have a job secured before making a move to the city. A great thing about living in Portland is that the state of Oregon has no sales tax. However, it is still important to budget wisely and plan for expenses since Portland's federal income tax is higher than the national average. There is plenty to do in the city, with activities ranging from visiting one of the many food trucks to visiting one of the microbreweries.

Before signing an apartment rental agreement lease in Portland, or potential renters should consider the following advice to make sure they are making the best decision.

Location, Location, Location | Apartments for Rent in Portland

Portland is the largest city in Oregon with nearly 100 neighborhoods to pick from. Each neighborhood has its own flare and feel, make sure to visit a handful of Portland apartments for rent to understand the type of neighborhood you will potentially move into, such as a quiet or active community. Anyone in the market for an apartment rental will want to make sure they pick a neighborhood that fits their personality and isn't too far from work. Rush hour in Portland can be brutal and nobody wants to spend all of their time stuck in traffic. Luckily, Portland does have public transportation, so residents can find houses or apartments to rent that will allow them to walk to transit stops and avoid some of the congestion.

From great nightlife for young professionals, to boutique dining and entertainment, and scenic natural settings don't forget to check out some of these beautiful places: Pearl District, Nob Hill, and Arlington Heights .

Apartments for Rent in Portland | What Should You Budget For?

It's important to make sure that you are financially capable of living in a city like Portland. This is why it is crucial to create a budget prior to searching for an apartment to rent. Portland has a wide range of options available for apartment rentals. Portland features studio apartments, condos, houses, and townhouses for rent that can meet almost any budget. After calculating your forecasted monthly expenses it's helpful to utilize an apartment finder to locate the rental property that fits your budget. These services can help make sure that renters don't become house poor by falling in love with apartments that they cannot afford. Our ApartmentLove website and search functionality let users search by location and budget. Searching for cheap apartments for rent in Portland Oregon using filters to adjust the amount you are willing to pay for rent is very convenient and will save you time.

Create a Features and Amenities List when Searching for an Apartment in Portland

Rental properties in Portland come with a wide range of amenities and features. After deciding on a rental budget and neighborhood, it is important to create a list of amenities and features they want in their apartment rental in order of priority. Many renters want in-unit washers and dryers, while others would forgo the washer and dryer if it meant living in a community that offers an indoor swimming pool. The options for amenities are endless. This is why creating this list will allow you to filter and narrow down your rental search requirements. Creating an amenities list in advance of your search allows you to further customize your search experience.

Apartments for Rent in Portland | Act Fast When You Find Your Apartment of Choice

Portland has been experiencing an influx of new residents, which means homes lease quickly. If you find a home that you really like, you should not delay in making an offer to rent. The rental market in Portland Oregon is quite active and good rental units move quickly. Waiting too long could mean losing out on your dream home to other more aggressive renters.

Published: November 10, 2021