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Apartments for rent Dartmouth, NS

Dartmouth to Halifax boasts of the oldest ferry service in North America, and it is a fun ride to experience. Housing is relatively inexpensive in the area as compared to other cities in Canada. There are many locations for rent with in the community.  The city is a friendly and quiet community, quite ideal for raising a family in.  Nicknamed 'The City of Lakes' due to the numerous lakes surrounding the community there are plenty of fun water sports to learn such as kayaking and canoeing at the local canoe club.  With many parks and green spaces, in addition to being located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, there are many breathtaking views from this maritime city. 

To experience a winter in Dartmouth is incredible. There is a good amount of annual snowfall without it being freezing. Children and adults alike can partake in fun snow time activities and events. The transport around the town and to other towns is adequate and reliable. For those who prefer to live a healthy lifestyle, there is a farmer’s market with plenty and variety of produce to maintain your eating habits. The City is such a great place to live that most people who work in nearby Halifax choose to live here instead.

When searching for something to rent be sure to look for apartments that offer a good number of amenities that are within your price range. Another factor to consider is if the building is pet friendly which may require an additional and potentially non-refundable deposit to cover the costs of your pet.  Rooms for rent are also readily available for prospective tenants and are great rentals, especially so for students attending any one of the many accredited universities and colleges in the region.

The cost of living in Dartmouth is equal to most places its size in Nova Scotia.  When to the rest of Canada, Nova Scotia's cost of living is below average and living in the area will allow you to stretch your dollar a bit further. That said, prospective tenants considering moving to this city are encouraged to budget their finances wisely and to ensure that additional costs such as utilities, cable, internet and parking are all accounted for before committing to one place and signing a long-term lease.

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Renting tips & advice

When looking for an apartment to rent, the following should be considered:

Negotiate the Rent

You can hardly expect to find something for rent at a bargain without a good haggle. Be ready to negotiate if you plan on getting good bang for your buck.  If you feel that your negotiation skills are below par, bring someone along whose negotiation skills will enable you to get a lower price. You should ask for a lower price to get one. Do not accept whatever price is first offered to you.

View the Unit with Friends and Family

Many building flaws may not be abundantly clear to an ordinary person. Bringing an expert, for example, a building inspector along will increase your chances of acquiring an impeccable place for rent. Such flaws may include gas leaks, electrical wiring mishaps and advanced structural damage. It may seem like an expensive undertaking at first, but it may save you a lot in the long run.  Better safe than sorry. You should visit the complex during rainy and snowy weather. By doing this, you can find out if the roof leaks or if any other climatic effect will have a bearing on your decision to move into the unit apartment.

Research the Market Before Starting Your Search

Planning is a process that makes the actual hunt a lot easier. Prepare a checklist beforehand so that you can verify if the rental suits your specifications. Such specifications may include pet policy, space, cell phone network reception and vermin among others. By being prepared, you save time on your t search since rooms for rent that do not qualify are quickly scrubbed off the list.

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