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Apartments for rent North York, ON

Apartments in North York, Ontario are in some of the most diversified areas in the city.  Prospective tenants, especially students and small families, will be encouraged by the many affordable places near schools, restaurants, and shopping centers. Complexes in this neighbourhood often include beautiful interiors, luxurious amenities and flexible rental options as well as the chance to experience the electric city of Toronto at a fraction of the price.  Ontario's steady economic growth has allowed its housing market and development to flourish. New complexes and housing units are continually being developed, and the community’s prosperity shows no signs of stopping.

North York Center, a central business district in Toronto and located along Yonge Street, is a desired area to rent in for individuals living an active lifestyle. Its high-density population and entertainment/commercial destinations have contributed to its vibrant atmosphere. The Official Plan, to relieve pressure on downtown, encouraged redevelopment of the Center. As a result, 16,000 units are under construction or have been built thousands of housing units have been enhanced over the past decade.

The cost of living varies tremendously in Ontario’s capital. The price for a bachelor, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartment in one area can be vastly different in another. When choosing an rental in North York, stay within your budget and take other expenses into account like transportation, groceries, utilities, phone, cable and internet.

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Renting tips & advice

Review and consider the following rental tips when searching locations for rent:

Places Rent Quickly

Prospective tenants are encouraged to act fast when they find a place for rent in this neighbourhood that meets their wish list and is within their price range. There is a constant demand for quality rentals and prospects are encouraged to have their paperwork complete and ready for presentation as well-qualified tenants are constantly on the lookout for cheaper accommodations and rooms for rent outside of Toronto.

Get Everything In Writing

Renting is a business transaction. Although verbal agreements are legal, it is best to get all agreements between you and your proprietor on paper. Fully understand the terms and conditions of the lease and if you feel a certain circumstance should allow the lease to be annulled, state so before signing.

Take Plenty Of Pictures

Before moving in or out of a rental unit, take pictures or video of its current condition. Landowners often do this task themselves, but for safety's sake keep your own documentation. Before signing a lease, get a tour of the space (if possible) and take photos. If there are damages on the premises request to have them fixed before signing the tenancy agreement. If a proprietor procrastinates, it is a good sign they will be slow to handle any difficulties in the future.

Familiarize Yourself With The Neighborhood

Before leasing anything, determine whether the neighborhood's condition is favorable.  Visit at different times of the day to get a grasp on how it is like to live there. Speak with existing tenants about their opinions, or search for online reviews. This will help you make an informed decision and give you peace-of-mind once you rent.

Negotiate The Rent

Most landowners are not willing to negotiable rent, but some are willing to compromise on other fees. If there is an additional cost for pets, proprietors are usually willing to decrease it.  Haggling over rent, however, is a much more difficult task. If you are willing to extend your lease by a month or two, you stand a better chance of getting cheaper rent.

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