Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Apartments for rent Windsor, ON

The city of Windsor is at the southern most tip of the province of Ontario.  Sharing a bridge to the United States with the city of Detroit, MI this city is a popular vacation destination for American tourists looking to leverage the strength of the US dollar and for Canadian looking to escape the congestion of major cities like Toronto and Ottawa.

Flush with many magnificent gardens, the city of Windsor has long played an influential role in the province of Ontario and too in the country of Canada.  Initially driven and entirely supported by the automobile industry, the city has diversified as of late and opened casinos, hotels and showrooms to attract tourists from around the world.  Affectionately referred to as the Rose City, this area is becoming a forward-thinking and tech savvy marketplace.

There are many universities and colleges in the area and with its proximity to the US border has developed a very excited and engaging restaurant and nightlife scene.  With more than 100 dedicated parks in the city, outdoor enthusiasts flock to the region and bask in the lush gardens and stunning waterfront views of the Detroit river from around the city.  Cycling or walking on the trails along the shores of the Detroit River is a favorite pastime of residents and complexes are being built to afford tenants quick and easy access to these beautiful outdoor elements. 

The cost of living in Windsor is in line with expectations. Being removed from major metropolitan centers like Toronto and Ottawa keeps the cost of real estate down, but the proximity to Detroit and the large tourist influence makes everyday items seem more expensive than in other similarly sized Canadian cities.  With a good number of quality locations for rent always of the year, it is best to view multiple properties before deciding on a place to lease that is best suited to your needs.

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Renting tips & advice

Here are some renting tips to help you with your search:

Rent is negotiable

Many landlords most of the times fail to advertise this part. But this lies solely on your location market. If rentals are moving at a fast rate, then negotiating for a lower price will be hard. However, if the apartment has been on the market for more than a month with no prospective tenant, you can negotiate down the rental price. Make the landlord see that you are serious and ready to sign the lease and that you want to form a positive and lasting partnership.

Search on the internet

The Internet is a large accessory for information. If you are seeking for specific features, searching on the net can be helpful. For example, if you want a one-bedroom, it will be easy to find a neighborhood with those features and the similar rental price.

Visit the area in person

An online tour will show you in a nutshell what to expect. Choosing to visit the locality and get the physical feel of your future location will be a smart idea. Visit at least three properties in that area and compare them. You will find this very helpful. Do not forgo the virtual tour; it will help you cut down the number of places to visit.

Revisit the features list

After visiting a couple of properties, you like, go back to the list of features you want a see if you can cut down the bill load by letting go of some. Decide on what feature will be worth your money. After those tours, your priorities are going to change. Trying to shade down your desired features will guide you to your ideal home with the features you need most.

Location is important but consider all the factors

Avoid choosing an apartment based on other people's needs. Some areas may lack the features that matter more to you. Do not rent something because it looks like an ideal place to other people. Consider the space itself and then the neighborhood.

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