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Williamsburg is one of Brooklyn’s safest neighborhoods. It remains affordable and offers lots of activities for all age groups. Find apartments for rent in Williamsburg today! Williamsburg: Best Brooklyn Neighborhood for Families & Young Professionals Once upon a time, Williamsburg was thought of as just a commuter neighborhood. Though it is still a great place to live for a quick and easy commute, Williamsburg has more to offer than its transit hub. Brooklyn itself has changed a lot the last few years. Although it still has a free-spirited, hipster vibe, gentrification projects have made neighborhoods like Williamsburg brighter, safer and more livable for all. Of all the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, why move to Williamsburg? Despite its party hard reputation, Williamsburg is safe and family-friendly with a strong sense of community and lots of things to do! Plus, transit is still great, even if the neighborhood has grown to be more than that. And just between us, the neighborhood’s reputation holds true; there is almost always something going on in the area. In another words, living in Williamsburg is perfect for anyone who has just moved to New Yok City for work or school. Safe and Family-Oriented Neighborhood Williamsburg is a different place than it was in the past. Once associated with crime, Williamsburg is one of the top five safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. As of 2022, Williamsburg sits at number four in Brooklyn’s official safety rankings. Also, the Williamsburg Family Health Center is located in the middle of the neighborhood. They provide a wide array of services, and easy access to healthcare is an important part of safety, especially for families with young children. Schools are another important consideration for families. Williamsburg has plenty of highly-rated public and private schooling options. There are even Montessori and religious options for little and middle schoolers. For the older kids, charter schools are Brooklyn's choice. There are many child-oriented businesses in the area too, including KidSuper, Smoochie Baby and Wild and Free Urban Kids. With so much of Williamsburg being kid-friendly, and kids, in general being quite expensive, one has to wonder what it costs to rent a family-style apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Family size is defined as any apartment for rent with two bedrooms or more. The average two-bedroom apartment for rent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn goes for about $3500 per month. In a dual-income household, that is very affordable. For three-bedroom apartment rentals and four-bedroom apartment rentals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the monthly cost ranges from $4000 to $7000 per month and typically comes with a plethora of amenities like air conditioning, garbage disposal, parking, utilities, and welcoming pets. Things to Do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Not everyone looking for apartments for rent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has a family though. An increasing number of Williamsburg residents are young or single. Naturally, there are many attractions that cater to these locals as well. Unwind with a drink at any one of Williamsburg’s cocktail or wine bars. Locals are particularly fond of Sauced or The Four Horsemen. For the beer drinkers, Skinny Dennis is the go-to beer hall for beer lovers all over Brooklyn. For some foodie fun, try taking a cooking class at Hudson Table. They teach basics and elevated dishes that are sure to impress any guests. Williamsburg offers unique cinematic experiences for movie lovers too! Nitehawk Cinema is a dine-in movie experience serving up high-end eats (think truffle popcorn) with indie films and an occasional cult classic. An even more unique cinematic experience can be had at Spectacle Theater. The one-room micro theater was once a bodega. They show international indie films for only five dollars per person. For the greenspace fans, Williamsburg holds McCarren Park, which hosts a year-round farmers market every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. There are also dog-friendly areas, a playground, a running track, and two sports courts. For a more Instagram-worthy exercise experience, take a walk or bike ride across the Williamsburg Bridge. It’s less crowded than the better-known Brooklyn Bridge, with the same breathtaking views! A Note on Transit Although Williamsburg has outgrown its reputation of being merely a transit hub, it’s still worth talking about. Everybody commutes, after all. Williamsburg has four nearby subway stations, six bus stops, Citi Bike rental options, and easy access to the East River ferry route that takes riders directly into New York’s Financial District, located in midtown Manhattan. Route times, stops, fees and other information is available in the MTA Trip Planner or the HopStop app. Renters do not need to worry about finding an apartment for rent near a transit stop. The transit system is so robust that there is easy access from anywhere in Williamsburg. Many solo renters assume that Williamsburg’s redevelopment makes it an expensive neighborhood to look for an apartment rental. But, like the rest of Brooklyn, Williamsburg is one of the more affordable neighborhoods to find an apartment rental in. In fact, there are options for studio apartment rentals and one-bedroom apartments for rent under $1000 per month. And, for those with roommates, any apartment rental under $2000 per month is a great option, as the shared cost will always be less than $1000 per month per person. Williamsburg has grown and changed over the years. Today, it is a vibrant family-friendly neighborhood with a high safety rating. There’s lots to do and explore for people of all ages and interests. Plus, Williamsburg maintains Brooklyn’s reputation for affordability, while being a stone’s throw from Manhattan and the Financial District. ApartmentLove | Apartments for Rent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY With thousands of listings across the United States, ApartmentLove will find your perfect apartment for rent in Brooklyn, NY, from Williamsburg to SoHo. Find your next apartment today!
Are you hesitant about a move to Portland, OR because of the high rent prices? We think renting a studio apartment in Portland is worth the investment. Learn why! Is It Worth Renting Studio Apartments in Portland, OR? Not many people know this, but Portland, Oregon was actually named after the city by the same name in Maine. Portland, Oregon is known for its diversity and high standard of living, diversity and eco-friendly attitudes. However, it is also infamous for its high cost of living, namely high rent prices. To combat these high prices, many people looking for apartments for rent in Portland are turning to studio apartment rentals. What Are Studio Apartments? A lot of first-time renters confuse studio apartment rentals with one-bedroom apartments. However, they are different! Studio and loft apartments can also be known as warehouse apartments. This is because historically, lofts were warehouses that had been converted into liveable spaces. Modern lofts are inspired by this concept and are typically one large open concept space. Studio or loft apartments typically do not have designated rooms aside from a kitchen space and bathroom. On the other hand, one-bedroom apartments have designated room divisions like a bedroom, den, living room and so on. The terms “studio apartment for rent” and “loft apartment for rent” are sometimes used interchangeably as the two are very similar. The only real difference is size. Studio apartment rentals tend to be about 600 square feet, while lofts are usually double that. Popular Studio Apartment Locations in Portland, Oregon Renting studio apartments are exploding in popularity, especially among younger renters. So, it’s no surprise that certain neighborhoods are better known for their studio apartment rentals than others. Burnside Street, named for the Burnside Bridge is a popular location to find studio apartments for rent in Portland. This street is a popular location because of its views. It runs parallel to the Willamette River and is near the Burnside Bridge. Plus, studio apartments for rent on Burnside Street are priced below the average rental cost for studio apartments in Portland, which is about $1520 per month. The majority of ApartmentLove’s studio apartment rental listings market for under $1300 per month! It's worth noting that, as a general rule, the cost of rent in Portland is up to 34% more than the national average, so prices that may seem high are actually quite reasonable for the location. For the more frugal renter, it is possible to find apartments for rent under $1000 per month in Portland, Oregon. However, renters need to look to the suburbs. It is common for residents of suburban Portland to rent out portions of their home as studio or one-bedroom apartments, which you can rent as low as $650 per month. It’s a great compromise for individuals hoping to experience life in Portland and keep to a specific budget. How affordable is Portland, Oregon? In Portland, rent is higher than the national average, and so are groceries and transportation. But Portland can still be affordable for young professionals, students and families alike. Utility bills in Portland are among the most affordable in the country, being 12% lower than the national average. Additionally, the average annual salary in Portland is quite high. As of 2022, the average Portland resident earns $69,969 annually or $34 per hour. The high salary makes Portland’s cost of living manageable and families are eligible for childcare subsidies and tax breaks to help offset the costs of raising children. It all balances out in the end! For example, a two-bedroom apartment for rent or any other suitable family accommodation will cost about $1795 per month. With a dual family income, that works out to be a rent cost of under $1000 per month, per earner. This is reasonable and very much in line with national apartment rental prices. While rent, groceries and transportation in Portland are higher than the national average, the city makes up with higher salaries, lower utilities and childcare subsidies – making it still relatively affordable. The High Cost is Worth It Although the cost of living in Portland, Oregon may seem astronomical, the cost is well worth it as it guarantees a high standard of living for its residents. Much of what is spent by residents goes back into the city’s infrastructure. Portland is one of the best cities for public transportation in North America. The city has implemented their trademark TriMet System. This system connects busses, light rail and streetcar systems to make transportation within the city simple and seamless. It’s also fully accessible and runs exclusively on renewable energy. Additionally, Portland has invested in transit-specific routes and pathways, like the Tilikum Crossing. This is a bridge, and it is the first of its kind, as it is exclusively for pedestrians and transit! The city also helps fund a bikeshare program in collaboration with Nike to ensure greener, quicker transport. It is very easy to find an apartment for rent in Portland that is near a transit hub or bikeshare hub. Portland’s high cost of living has also resulted in the city having high-quality, free public education that ranks above the national average, with well over half of public-school graduates being proficient in literacy and maths (The national average sits below 50%). There is also an expansive list of credible publicly-funded postsecondary education institutions in Portland. The city hosts multiple universities, training colleges and seminaries. ApartmentLove makes it easy to find apartments for rent near any institution in the city. Then there is also Portland’s famous greenspaces. The city boasts over 200 greenspaces that are all maintained with public funds. Mill End Park is the world’s smallest dedicated park, and Tom McCall Park is a massively important cultural center. The park was named for the former Oregon Governor Tom McCall. This location hosts several major annual events and festivals that bring in millions of dollars in revenue. These festivals include the Portland Rose Festival, the Oregon Brewers Festival and the Waterfront Blues Festival. Portland’s culture would not be the same without its public parks. With so many to choose from, locals recommend finding an apartment for rent near any one of the iconic greenspaces. Diverse and eco-friendly, Portland is not worth sleeping on! Find apartments for rent in Portland, Oregon today. ApartmentLove | Apartment for Rent in Portland, OR Whether you’re looking in downtown Portland or the suburbs, ApartmentLove has something for everyone. With thousands of listings across the USA and Canada, you will find the feeling of home wherever you are.
Shadyside was ranked 15th out of the 25 best neighborhoods for families in the US. Here are a few reasons why Shadyside became a family favorite. Did you know Shadyside is a historically significant neighborhood in Pittsburgh? The neighborhood has been in existence since the 18h century, and was once its own farming town. Today, it is best known as a residential suburb of Pittsburgh. The Shadyside neighborhood boasts easy access to services and amenities, as well as a strong sense of community between residents. This makes it the ideal settling place for families of all kinds, so it is no surprise Shadyside was ranked 15th out of the 25 best neighborhoods for families in the US. Renting is also fairly popular in the neighborhood; just over half of its residents are renters. ApartmentLove can help prospective residents of Shadyside find the perfect apartment for rent in the neighborhood, no matter what the budget or desired features are. What is the Shadyside neighborhood like? Just north of Carnegie Mellon University, Shadyside is considered a middle-class neighborhood. It has been this way since the 1920s, historically being home to artists, musicians, students and wealthy young families. Now, it is a Millennial and Gen Z paradise. Over half of Shadyside’s residents are between the age of 18 – 35 with children. This is reflected in the area’s culture and architecture, and it attracts hundreds of new residents annually. Shadyside has its own business and cultural districts, with many shops and landmarks. The neighborhood has tons of historical charm, from tree-lined streets to apartments with original stained glass. Fun fact, Shadyside is also home to a wood-paved road called Roslyn Place, one of only a handful left in America, and the only one still in regular use! The majority of available apartment rentals in Shadyside are one-bedroom or studio apartments, well-suited for couples, students or individuals. Most apartments are pet-friendly too! This is especially convenient for families with fur babies. For families searching for a home or apartment rentals with two bedrooms or more, Chesterfield Street and Butler Street are the best options. Public Services and Safety Part of what makes Shadyside such a wonderful place for families and young people is the fact that it is very safe and there is a focus on community and public services like education. The crime rate in Shadyside is 48% lower than the national average and 98% lower than Pennsylvania’s state average. Part of this is thanks to the Shadyside Action Coalition (SAC). This community-based organization is committed to “preserving the values and culture” of the neighborhood. Academics and education are of high importance in the neighborhood. In fact, about half of its residents hold a college degree of some sort. This is unsurprising, considering the proximity of Carnegie Mellon University, but it does prove that education has a positive trickle-down effect. Shadyside has a variety of options for public and private education for all levels. There are multiple private K – 12 prep schools, such as the all-girls The Ellis School or co-ed The University School and Winchester Thurston School. Sacred Heart Elementary School and Pittsburgh Liberty K – 5 are the neighborhood’s options for public education. Shadyside is also home to the DePaul School for Hearing and Speech, an elementary school for deaf, hearing-impaired and severely speech-delayed children. The school combines schoolboard-approved curriculum with lessons designed to teach children to listen and communicate. In the adjacent Friendship neighborhood, you can access the state’s only public Montessori school. Postsecondary education is also very accessible from Shadyside, considering Carnegie Mellon University is only about a half hour transit north of Shadyside. The UPMC School of Nursing is also based in Shadyside itself. Many students at this campus seek out one-bedroom apartments close to the campus. This is helpful as nurses in training may have to bring in specialty equipment or lots of supplies. While public transit is fairly reliable in Pittsburgh, it is recommended that students live nearby their educational institution to ensure they are maximizing their time. This is especially true for the DePaul School, where living close by can help children manage the challenges they are already facing. The closest family-friendly apartments for rent are two-bedroom homes on Butler Street. Things to Do in Shadyside Though Shadyside seems quaint and quiet, there are still many options for entertainment that celebrate its history of artistry and counterculture. Shadyside wasn’t nicknamed “Pittsburgh’s Greenwich Village” for nothing! The Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Science Center and Carnegie Museum of Natural History offer fun and learning opportunities for everyone. For those looking to find inner peace and get back in touch with nature, Mellon Spray Park, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden as well as the Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden are worth exploring. Finally, the Willis F. McCook Historic House offers an exciting glimpse into Pittsburgh’s history. On Walnut Street, the main shopping and cultural district, you’ll find large national retail brands including The Gap and Sephora. If you prefer to support local, Ellsworth Avenue is the place to go for all things hippie, indie and small business. Walnut Street also hosts annual arts and music festivals such as Jam on Walnut, an annual summer concert series and block party. The annual Art Festival on Walnut Street is another recurring end of summer event popular among locals. Shadyside is quiet and community-based with a focus on providing a bright future for the next generation, while addressing the current needs of its young residents. Plus, the neighborhood still manages to celebrate its own rich culture and history. Don’t hesitate, use ApartmentLove and find an amazing apartment for rent in Pittsburgh today. ApartmentLove | Apartments for Rent in Pittsburgh, PA ApartmentLove has thousands of listings across the United States and Canada. Whether you are looking in the quiet Shadyside neighborhood, or you prefer to be at the heart of the city, ApartmentLove can help you find the feeling of home in Pittsburgh.
Excited about the move to Philadelphia? Here are a few things to know before moving to Philadelphia's University City as a student or worker. Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love. But Philadelphia is more than that, it’s also home to University City. This area of Philadelphia encompasses three major university campuses and attracts thousands of new students to the city every year. Are you considering a move to Philadelphia for school or work? This is everything you need to know about moving to Philadelphia, University City and finding perfect apartments for rent in Philadelphia. You’re probably wondering “what is University City”? or “how can there be a city within the city of Philadelphia”? It's not as complicated as you may think. University City is a neighbourhood in the west end of Philadelphia that gets its name from the three major universities located there. Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of the Sciences are the nucleus of the neighborhood. Hence, it’s no surprise that this part of the city is very student-friendly. Finding an apartment for rent in University City is essential to having the best student experience. It saves money compared to living on campus, immerses you in the culture and allows you to find unique opportunities, and roommates are completely optional! Finding the Perfect Apartment in Philadelphia Finding the perfect apartment for rent as a new student in a new city can be a little scary, but ApartmentLove can make it a bit easier! First, figure out your personal budget and priorities. Once you decide what is most important to you, finding the right apartment rental will be a breeze. If location and proximity to campus is important, there are plenty of apartments for rent within walking distance. If budget and pricing is the most important thing to you, ApartmentLove has plenty of listings for apartment for rent under $1000. Or if you really want the roommate experience, you can look for a shareable two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment. Landlords in University City try to make renting an apartment as simple as possible for students, so utility and internet costs will often be included in rent pricing. Student-Friendly Hangouts in Philadelphia Meeting new people is the best part of university, but classes can make that hard. That’s why it’s so important to know all the right student hangouts and be in the right place at the right time. Landmark Americana, Smokey Joe’s and Copacabana University City are popular casual establishments serving American and Mexican-inspired dishes with laidback bar vibes. For happy hour, Landmark Americana is the place to be! Both students and local young professionals will attend, making it a great time and place to network and meet new people. If meeting new people is important or if you have a vibrant social life, you can find an apartment for rent in University City that is also in proximity to bars and restaurants. Of course, the high demand and prime location can make apartments for rent in this part of University City a little more expensive than the rest of the neighborhood and much of Philadelphia itself. However, most first and second year students find it worthwhile as it helps them adjust to university life and being away from their hometowns. Plus, it means less commute time to those early morning classes! Transportation in Philadelphia Whether you live on campus, close by or a little further out, transportation is important. Most students in Philadelphia find that driving is impractical and expensive during their college or university years. Thankfully, Philadelphia has many public transport options that provide a quick commute locally and regionally. University City itself is incredibly walkable with lots of pathways and bike lanes. However, public transport is also a reliable way to get around the district, as the city of Philadelphia has a separate transit system dedicated to that area. The Loop Through University City shuttle, or LUCY for short, stops at every campus and major building location on its route. LUCY is free to all university students, school employees, employees of both major hospitals and science center employees. Otherwise, the standard fare is $2.50 per person. LUCY is also fully accessible and runs every 5 to 30 minutes on weekdays. Philadelphia’s local public transit is also reliable, with multiple bus routes, trolleys and subway lines running across the city. Local public transit also makes connections and transfers to LUCY, as the rest of Philadelphia sits almost adjacent to University City. The strength, reliability and connectedness of transit in the city makes commuting a viable option for students and young professionals. In turn, this makes it possible for students on a tighter budget to find cheap apartments for rent in Philadelphia under $750, slightly beyond the borders of University City. For transit outside of the city, there is also an AMTRAK stop in Philadelphia. Users can go as far as Miami, New York or even New Orleans. AMTRAK is a great option for a freshman trip or a quick fix for homesickness (we don’t judge). Cultural Landmarks to Visit University City is Philadelphia’s hub for everything arts and culture. There are numerous attractions that can be helpful to your learning, a fun weekend activity or both. The Penn Museum offers a variety of exhibits with artifacts from ancient societies across the globe including Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt. There is also the Institute of Contemporary Art and the historic Clark Park. These locations, and many others, have two things in common: they will help you learn more about the world, and you will make countless memories every time you visit. Many locations also have student discounts! Renting an apartment in University City gives you easy access to any of these attractions. Philadelphia built a great infrastructure for students, and University City is a student experience like no other! If you decide to make the move to Philadelphia, ApartmentLove can help with finding an apartment rental. ApartmentLove | Apartments for Rent in Philadelphia, PA At ApartmentLove, we make it easy to find the feeling of home, with thousands of listings across the United States and Canada. With apartments for rent from University City to Shadyside, ApartmentLove has something for everyone. Browse listings today!
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