The Top 5 Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Each year, thousands of people move to Brooklyn, New York Or at least think about it. But as New York's coolest borough becomes more and more popular, finding the right neighborhood to live in can be difficult and stressful. ApartmentLove wants to make your move a little easier, so we made a list of the top five neighborhoods in Brooklyn. We've taken into account the most common moving considerations, like transportation, affordability and things to do.

5. Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown is easily one of the best neighborhoods to live in when looking for an apartment for rent in Brooklyn. This bustling area is the third biggest business center in all of New York, making downtown Brooklyn the perfect neighborhood for young professionals. Transportation is excellent as the MTA has several bus and subway stops in the area, with routes that connect to all parts of New York City for less than $4. Light rail and ferries are also accessible, affordable public transit options. Transit access isn't a problem when you rent an apartment in downtown Brooklyn.

In terms of affordability, the cost of living in downtown Brooklyn is a little more expensive than the average apartment rental in Brooklyn as a whole. While the average rent for a studio apartment is down by about 5% in the last few months, the average rent cost is around $3000 a month. The same is true for one-bedroom apartments for rent in downtown Brooklyn. However, it is possible to find options as low as $1600 a month.

There's lots to do in downtown Brooklyn, especially for sports fans. Renting an apartment in downtown Brooklyn means renting in the home of the Brooklyn Nets. There are also lots of trendy eateries like CAVA or Junior's, and fun artsy experiences like the 315 Gallery or the Art Workshop Experience where you can channel your inner artist and express your creativity.

4. Bushwick

Bushwick is one of Brooklyn's largest up-and-coming neighborhoods. Once considered gritty, the neighborhood is now a core for culture and the arts. The best part? Apartments for rent in Bushwick are still very affordable compared to the rest of Brooklyn. Bushwick is a great option for students looking for a hip and edgy vibe, and a budget-friendly apartment. Renting an apartment in Bushwick is cheaper than many other Brooklyn neighborhoods. A typical studio apartment goes for about $1650 per month. One-bedroom apartment rentals are similar. While Bushwick isn't considered family-friendly just yet, it's also worth mentioning that two-bedroom apartments for rent in Bushwick are considered very affordable by Brooklyn standards, going for about $2800 a month.

Like the rest of Brooklyn, transit is affordable and reliable, and there is less traffic than Brooklyn's busier neighborhoods.

There's also a lot to do in Bushwick. From clubs to outdoor spaces to good eats, there's something for everyone. Dance like nobody's watching at House of Yes, take a stroll in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, or try some tasty tacos at Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos. Bushwick is the right choice for anyone looking for cheap apartments for rent in Brooklyn.

3. Bay Ridge

The Bay Ridge area is a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood filled with historic brownstone townhouses. Separated from the hustle and bustle of the city by a highway, it's the ideal neighborhood to raise a family. Public transit is not as popular in the Bay Ridge neighborhood. The only subway route connecting it to the rest of the city is the R train. That being said, drivers get the opportunity to take picturesque drives through lower Manhattan on the daily.

Traditionally, apartments for rent in Bay Ridge have been geared toward families, meaning the majority of units are two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments. This means the average rental prices in Bay Ridge have historically been on the higher end, at around $3500 per month. However, there has recently been an increase in affordable one-bedroom apartments in Bay Ridge. One-bedroom apartments average at about $2000 a month, but it is possible to find units in the $1600s range.

As more singletons are moving to Bay Ridge, there is a greater variety in things to do. There are still many family-friendly activities, like visiting the Narrows Botanical Gardens or having a meal at Gino's, but there are also some rising nightlife options for young professionals like Status Q Bar and Billiards or Harp Bar.

2. Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens is an upscale neighborhood with a rich history. Named after a Civil War hero, Carroll Gardens became symbolic of the beauty and promise of America for the Jewish and Italian immigrants that first moved to the area. The Italian influence remains strong, giving the neighborhood a great sense of family and community. It's the perfect neighborhood to raise a family!

Transportation in Carroll Gardens is flexible, frequent and affordable. The average bus ride into Manhattan is only thirteen minutes. Busses run every ten minutes and trips only cost about $3 dollars. The subway takes about a half hour, but is equally affordable. Driving is also a good option in Carroll Gardens; it only takes about 15 minutes to get to Manhattan and gives you the privacy that the bus doesn't.

In terms of affordability, Carroll Gardens is not the cheapest neighborhood, but it is manageable. In fact, studio and one-bedroom apartments for rent in Carroll Gardens have decreased in price by 19%. Though these single units are rare in this family-style neighborhood, the average monthly rent now sits at around $2000. Family-style units for rent in Carroll Gardens have two bedrooms or more. Two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments for rent in Carroll Gardens go for about $3600 per month, which can still be manageable on a dual income.

Most of the activities in the area are very family-friendly. There are also endless eateries, many of them historically Italian. Carroll Park can't be missed, and there are several unique independent bookstores and hobby shops worth checking out too!

1. Williamsburg

In the number one spot for Brooklyn's best neighborhood is Williamsburg. Williamsburg is often overlooked as just a transit hub, but it truly is a community for everyone. It's family-friendly, but still interesting and livable for singles too.

Transportation is easy and accessible, with multiple bus, subway and ferry routes to Manhattan. Transit is typically walking distance from everything in Williamsburg.

Though this neighborhood is becoming more popular, apartments for rent in Williamsburg are still affordable. Studio apartments and one-bedrooms go for about $1750 a month on average. Two or three-bedroom apartment rentals average at roughly $3000 a month. This is very affordable for families and those with roommates.

There's no shortage of things to do here either. Take a stroll on the Williamsburg Bridge, check out an independent movie theater, lounge in one of many gorgeous greenspaces or grab a bite at a funky fusion eats.

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Published: February 05, 2023