Living in Seattle - Frequently Asked Questions


Capitol Hill is a popular neighbourhood in Seattle. It is often referred to as “Seattle’s coolest area” and for good reason. It boasts parks with breathtaking views of the city. One of the most beautiful parks in Washington – Volunteer Park – is located in this neighborhood. The Park is also home to the Seattle Asian Art Museum, which features both ancient and modern Asian art.

Capitol Hill, Seattle is also known for trendy bars and restaurants as well as casual coffee shops and independent stores. One of the top restaurants in Seattle is located in the neighborhood – Skillet. Other popular eateries include NUE, Bakery Noveau and Momji. Many of these places are within walking distance of one another, which makes Capitol Hill a pedestrian friendly area.

Finally, no list of things to do in Capitol Hill area would be complete without mentioning the exquisite nightlife and music scenery in the area. Neumos is a popular music venue that hosts artists and bands from a variety of genres. Needle & Thread is also popular among residents and is known for having a no- drink menu. You can simple order whatever you like and the bartender will make it for you.

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Capitol Hill is situated on a hill. The area is just east of downtown Seattle, Washington, which is only 9 blocks away.

The commute between Capitol Hill and Downtown Seattle is on average 15 minutes by vehicle. There are two possible routes – via 4th Ave. and i-5 N.

Residents are also able to commute via public transit. The tram trip is approximately 10 min. Tram service departs from University St. Station and arrives at the Capitol Hill Station.

Depending on where you are and where you are going, it is possible to walk from downtown Seattle to Capitol Hill. For example, the distance between Westlake Centre and the Pike Pine corridor in Capitol Hill is an approximate 20-minute walk. Many residents who live in the west end of Capitol Hill also choose to walk to work downtown.

Bellevue is one of the fastest growing cities in Washington state. Bellevue is situated in King County and is the economic hub of the Seattle metropolitan area. Some of the world’s largest technology companies are located here, including Amazon, eBay, Oracle, Google, and Microsoft.

The distance from Bellevue, WA to Seattle, WA is 10 miles. The driving time between the two cities is approximately 17 minutes.

You may also travel from Belleville to Seattle via Public Transit. The bus journey time is approximately 25 minutes operated by Sound Transit, the Bellevue to Seattle bus service. departs from Bellevue Way SE & Main St and arrives at 4th Ave S & S Washington St.

The nearest airport to Bellevue is Seattle Boeing Field (BFI). The distance between the two is 7.3 miles. The airport is mostly used for general aviation and cargo. It also has passenger service that is operated by Kenmore Air.

The distance between Bellevue and the Seattle-Tacoma-International Airport, the primary airport in WA, is approximately 17 miles via i-405. The airport has flights to cities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Both Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines are headquartered near the airport.

Flying into Bellevue and require hotel accommodations? The area has plenty of hotels to suit your every need, including the Hyatt Regency, Hilton, The Westin, and Hampton Inn to name a few.

Beacon Hill is a neighborhood in southeast Seattle, WA. The neighborhood is one of Seattle’s most diverse neighborhoods, home to large Asian American and African American Communities. Beacon Hill is mainly an area consisting of bungalows and small apartment buildings. They were constructed for the families that farmed the ridge and the Rainier Valley, for workers who traveled by streetcar to jobs downtown, and for Boeing employees during World War II. The area is quickly transforming. Businesses are relocating their operations here. It is an area with an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. The northern area has many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. It is also the home to the Beacon Food Forest, a new project that has created an urban farm

Greenwood is a neighborhood in northcentral Seattle, WA. It is located in King County and is one of Seattle’s most popular and affordable areas to live in. Residents enjoy an urban suburban mix feel and most of them own their homes. The public schools in the area are also highly rated. Greenwood has a thriving business district. The area near 85th street and Greenwood Avenue is lined with lots of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, parks, antique stores, and theatres. Many events, such as the Greenwood Car Show and the Seafair parade, are hosted in the area. The neighbourhood is very popular among young professionals. It is also favorited by those who enjoying moving during the day and being a homebody during the evening.

Queen Anne is an affluent area just north of downtown Seattle. It sits on the highest named hill in Seattle and is bordered by Belltown to the South, Lake Washington Ship Canal to the North, Interbay to the west, and Lake Union to the East. The neighborhood is comprised of two distinct parts: Upper and Lower. Upper Queen Anne, Seattle is more elevated. In the 19th century, the city’s wealthiest residents built their large homes in the Queen Anne style, which gave the neighborhood its name. Originally the neighborhood was referred to as Eden’s Hill. The area has magnificent views of downtown Seattle, Puget Sound, and the Olympic and Cascade mountains. The Lower Part of Queen Anne is a mixed-income area. It is popular with professionals in their 20s and 30s. Due to its high percentage of younger populations, it has more going-ons than Upper Queen Anne. There are plenty of bars, restaurant, and theatres to keep things interesting.

Pioneer Square is a neighbourhood in the southwest corner of Seattle, Washington. It is the city’s oldest neighborhood, having been rebuilt in 1889 after the Great Seattle Fire. Its name comes from a small triangular plaza located at the corner of First Avenue and Yesler Way. Pioneer Square, Seattle is filled with many restaurants, cafes, and eateries. In addition to Starbucks, you will find many of Seattle’s coffee shops including D’Arte and Caffe Vita. The area also has plenty of spots to grab casual bites, including Collins Pub. Other must-try restaurants include Il Corvo and Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar. The neighborhood is also popular among artsy people. The area boasts many galleries featuring all sorts of artwork. Some galleries such as Foster/White gallery have been open for over 40 years. Residents will also be happy to note that there are some green spaces in the area. One such park is the Waterfall Garden Park, which has a beautiful 22-foot waterfall. A perfect place to enjoy a peaceful lunch or relax.

Olympic Hills is a neighborhood in the Lake City district of Seattle, Washington. The neighborhood is famous for hosting Will Rogers’ last game of polo in 1935. Homer Kelly, the author of Golfing Machine, also once taught golfing lessons at the Jackson Golf Course. The Olympics Hills, Seattle neighborhood is relatively safe. The neighborhood is safer than 27% of the neighborhoods in Washington state. Fortunately, the year over year crime rate has decreased by 13%. Olympic Hills is also a moderately walkable neighborhood. It has a walk score of 67, which means that some places are accessible by foot. However, the neighborhood is well connected through public transit and thoroughfares. Public transit services are provided by Metro Transit and there are 24 Metro Transit bus stops in the neighborhood. I-5 is the nearest thoroughfare.

Kirkland is a neighborhood east of Seattle, Washington and north of Bellevue. It is one of fastest growing areas in Washington, becoming a residential hub for people who work in the Emerald City. The distance between Kirkland, WA and Seattle WA is approximately 11 miles. The cost of living in Kirkland is higher than the national average. Home prices in the suburb averaged $424,700 in 2020 while the national average was $175,700. Likewise, the average apartment rent in this affluent neighborhood was $1,398.00 while the national average was $920.00. Though the cost of living is high in Kirkland, the crime rate is relatively low, which makes it a safe place to live. In 2020, Kirkland was estimated to be 65% safer than other U.S. cities. Year over year, the crime rate has also decreased.

Fremont is a neighborhood in Seattle, WA. The area is located to the north of Queen Anne, South of Phinney Ridge, East of Ballard, and southwest of Wallingford. It is also situated along the Fremont Cut of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. There are many things to do in Fremont, Seattle. The neighborhood offers a bit of everything, such as remarkable landmarks/architecture, delightful places to eat, and lots of green space. Some key attractions include the Woodland Park Zoo, Green Lake, and Gas Works Park. If you are looking to try some local cuisine in the area, there are lots of local dining options along North 36th Street, including Revel, Red Star Taco Bell, and PCC Community Market. What is even more interesting is that Fremont is sometimes referred to as "The People's Republic of Fremont” or "The Artists' Republic of Fremont\”. It once was center of counterculture; however, the neighborhood has been somewhat revamped since the 1990s.

Columbia City is a neighborhood in the southeastern part of Seattle, WA. It is situated in the Rainier Valley district. Columbia City is one of the most diverse areas in Seattle. Over 60 languages are spoken here. It also has dining options to suite every taste, including Thai, Mexican, Caribbean, Asian and American. What is unique about this neighborhood is that it is one Seattle’s eight historic landmark districts. The business district is landmark protected. The area continues to retain its unique character – picturesque neighborhood shops and elegant homes- despite new development. Columbia City is a relatively safe area. It has a below average crime rate and an average property crime rate in comparison to other neighborhoods in Seattle. It also has a walk score of 85.

Central District is a district in Seattle. Mostly used for residential purposes, it is located east of downtown and First Hill, South of Capitol Hill, North of Rainier Valley, and West of Madrona, Lesci and Mt. Baker. Central District is one of Seattle’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods and was once considered a major hub for Seattle’s Black community and African American businesses. The neighborhood has a walk score of 85 and a transit score of 73. Public transit services are provided by Metro Transit and City of Seattle. There are 54 Metro transit bus stops and 1 City of Settle tram stop in the area. The crime rates in Central District are higher than the national average. Fortunately, Central District and Seattle news reports show that rate has decreased year over year by 13%.

Interbay is a neighborhood in Seattle, WA that borders Salmon Bay and Smith Cove. Interbay is considered an industrial connector between the downtown core and other trendier neighborhoods like Queen Anne and Ballard. It is also a newly favorited neighborhood among tech companies. Big Fish, Expedia and F5 are headquartered here. Amazon, too, has opened an office in the neighborhood. Approximately 6 in 10 of the households in Interbay are renter-occupied. This makes it suitable for people looking for a community where residents generally keep to themselves. This coupled with a low crime rate makes it a safe area to live in.

South Park is a neighbourhood in Seattle. It is situated just south of Georgetown and north of Tukwila. South Park is one of Seattle’s most diverse neighborhoods. It is comprised of most working- and middle-class residents from every ethnic and racial background. Over the last few years, South Park has also experienced urban renewal. Artists and architects have been working to fix old houses. The city has also provided funds to improve infrastructure and social services. The downside to South Park is that the neighbourhood is surrounded by Seattle’s industrial area. This makes both the air and soil in the area polluted. Heavy metals also contaminate the topsoil and the nearby Duwarmish River. South Park’s Crime Rate is higher than other neighborhoods in Seattle; however, in recent years the rate of volent crimes have declined.

Lake City is a northeastern neighbourhood in Seattle, WA. The region is split into 5 smaller neighborhoods – Victory Heights, Olympic Hills, Matthew Beach, Cedar Park, and Meadowbrook- and is situated between Interstate 5 and Lake Washington. It is also 7-8 miles from downtown Seattle. Lake City, Seattle is for the most part an urban neighborhood. It is primarily made up of medium-sized and large single-family homes. The area also has some apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. The homes in this area are well establish and for the most part built between 1940 and 1969. There are 3 zip codes designated to the Lake City area – 32025, 32055, and 32045. It encompasses most of the Thornton Creek watershed, which is the focus of a longstanding restoration campaign brough on by citizens and Seattle Public Utilities staff.


Among the cheapest neighborhoods in Seattle is Rainer View, with the majority of the lowest tiers being in the north. These are located in Bitter Lake and Victory Heights which is Lake-City-Adjacent.

It's important to keep in mind that the average rent in Seattle is $1,533 for a studio, $2,210 for one bedroom, $3016 for two bedrooms, and $2402 for three bedrooms.

By far, the best place to look for affordable rent in Seattle is Rainer View, which is just within the city limits to the southeast and is currently ranked the lowest rent out of all neighborhoods within Seattle.

As of the start of 2021, Seattle's minimum wage was increased to $16.69 per hour for large employers with 500 employers and above. On the other hand, those who are running small businesses that have less than 500 employees are required to pay $15 per hour. However, they must pay an additional $1.69 per hour towards medical benefits, or the employee must earn at least $1.69 per hour worth of tips.

Seattle has a variety of options when it comes to finding nightlife entertainment. Some options include Emerald City which hosts a variety of jazz clubs, speak-easies and a many other locations that serve craft cocktails. The great thing about Seattle is that there are a number of neighborhoods that may suit your style when going out. There is a good variety which appeals to various tastes. Among the top five areas to go out and enjoy the Seattle nightlife are Capitol Hill, Belltown, Downtown Seattle, and Georgetown.

If you're looking to experience some good entertainment in Seattle, the best area to check out is Capitol Hill. This Seattle district will provide you with the right kind of atmosphere and entertainment options you are looking for. The area is also known for its historic gay village and vibrant counterculture community.

Something to keep in mind about Seattle is that it is known for being a hipster city; being ranked fourth in the world according to MoveHub International Hipster Index.

Examples of things to do include coffee shops, tattoo studios, vegan eateries, record stores as well as vintage boutiques.

Seattle apartments are among the most expensive, but with the right amount of searching and visiting the right districts and neighborhoods, you can find your choice of apartment or condo within your budget

Whether you are looking for Seattle condos for rent by the owner, houses for rent in Bellevue, or Apartments in New York, ApartmentLove can help you out. We offer rental listings in hundreds of cities across the USA. Search by map or start your search from our homepage. At ApartmentLove you are guaranteed to find the feeling of home with your next rental. Visit us at ApartmentLove.com . We have made your process of finding the apartment of your dreams as easy and convenient as possible

Apartment hunting always works best when you have the most up to date and relevant market trends in hand! So, you might be wondering how much is a 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Seattle?

According to our research the average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Seattle, is currently $1,595. This shows an 11% decrease compared to the previous year. (2020 compared to 2021)

Moreover, we have found that the rent for 1 bedroom Seattle apartments downtown is around $2200. This also represents a small increase over the past few years.

For those of you looking for one bedroom apartments in Seattle under $1,000 you maybe have to be patient and flexible in terms of areas and commute times to work. Either way, we wish you happy apartment hunting!

The average rent for an apartment in Seattle is $1895 which represents a -11% decrease from last year (2020 compared to 2021).

The normal size for a Seattle apartment is 692 square feet, yet this number shifts enormously depending upon unit type - with modest and luxury options for houses and condos as well. Studio lofts are the smallest and generally reasonable. 1-room condos are closer to the average, while 2-room condos and 3-room lofts offer far more space.

For those looking for a 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Seattle you should expect to pay below the rental average, at about $1600 in rent per month. Happy apartment hunting!

The trick to renting a condo unit that fits your needs in Seattle is doing your research and knowing the market! Once you have an idea of the average home prices (See the other FAQs) then you can begin making a list of your needs and see what areas are the best fit. Are you looking for an artsy area, a short commute to work, a part of town by the waterfront and near nature? There are many preliminary questions to ask yourself when starting your apartment search.

The trick to finding condos to rent in Seattle is being vigilant with online platforms such as Zillow, ApartmentLove, Zumper and Hot Pads. Moreover, we always recommend that you rent a bike or physically walk the areas you are interested in renting in. Smaller building and private landlords often post signs in their areas before actually listing units online. This can provide a huge advantage to people who have their ‘boots on the ground'!

Condo rental, as opposed to apartment rental, comes with lots of advantages. First off, condos are typically higher-class buildings, with a mix of owners and renters. The building occupants are typically more invested in maintaining the building and shared spaces.

This not only increases the value of the property and living experience but also can contribute to a higher quality of living!

Condo rental in Seattle is an excellent choice for young professional or families. The average condo for rent in Seattle costs around $1800 per month for a 1 bedroom, but prices tend to do gown outside the downtown core.

Whether you are looking for a new home in Seattle or for a seattle condo vacation rental for a few weeks or months, condos offer the high-end and comfort that is fitting for such a beautiful and growing city as Seattle!

When it comes to finding a new home to live in, knowing what you need and making a list of criteria is going to go a long way in finding a successful home.

When looking for where to rent in Seattle, whether you are looking for studio apartments in Seattle, 1 or 2 bedrooms or micro apartments, the trick is to know your areas and neighborhoods.

For example, Lake Union apartments are very popular because of their proximity to Amazon and the tech space; while Lynnwood is on the northern side of Seattle and walking distance to downtown. Another option is to be farther from downtown and enjoy lower rent prices and more peace and quiet; areas such as Everett or Shoreline offer a quiet and peaceful alternative to downtown living.

Either way, do your research on the various neighborhoods in Seattle and pick what's right for your lifestyle and living needs. Happy apartment hunting!

When looking for studio apartments in Seattle it's important to keep in mind what living in a studio is like:

In contrast to a 1 bedroom apartment, a studio is going to have a smaller floor plan. A studio unit is fundamentally an independent unit and contains everything in the single room space with the exception of the restroom.

With a studio apartment, you're getting some variation of a single large room with attached kitchen or kitchenette, and a separate bathroom. It's a restricted region to work with in the event that you need to make the division of independent rooms without dividers to separate the space. Your design strategies and furniture placement can help establish defined space. You can easily highlight which part of your studio is for sleeping, eating or hanging out with friends.

Studio lofts generally maximize at about 600 square feet, however can get as little as 300 square feet. Of course the smaller the space the lower the Seattle rent price will be! The more modest the space, the more innovative you'll have to become in terms of storage and using space effectively.

Seattle is an enthusiastic and cosmopolitan city flawlessly set in a gorgeous background of water, woods and mountains. The principle downtown area sits on hilly mountainous land between Puget Sound toward the west and Lake Washington toward the east. Modern skyscrapers rise on high hills in the city center, with residential units lining the lower areas along the water just north of downtown.

Whether one is looking for apartments in Seattle or town homes for rent the best neighbourhoods in terms of quality of life and amenities will help you decide where to settle down.

West Seattle has an average rental price of $1800 for a one bedroom per month and is popular because of the expansive waterfront; calm urban living while still not being far from the downtown core.

West Seattle has an average rental price of $1800 for a one bedroom per month and is popular because of the expansive waterfront; calm urban living while still not being far from the downtown core.

Beacon Hill has an average rent of $1600 per month and is a historical central neighborhood full of nightlife and close proximity to the downtown core.

If you are looking for more craftsman charm and sparse bungalows with a welcoming college vibe then Ravenna is your area! With a monthly average rent of $1590 and the highest walking score, it is a peaceful part of town welcoming both grad students and new families! Happy hunting!

As a developing tech center, Seattle inhabitants appreciate a consistent increase in wages to compensate for rising rents. To easily lease a one-room condo in Seattle, one would need to make $77,616 each year. The suggested family pay for a two-room apartment is $120,600 each year.

The "living wage," or the minimum amount of money needed to live above the poverty threshold, in Seattle is $18.56 per hour for a full-time employed individual. The living wage does not include pleasure spending, such as costs for cafés, amusement, and get-aways.

Remember Seattle's prosperity is developing quickly and steadily. The quantity of Seattle families earning more than $200,000 is more than the number making under $50,000. However, the numbers shouldn't intimidate you from renting apartments in Seattle or even finding apartments for sale in Seattle. It probably means if you are a student or young professional that you ought to be a little flexible. You'll need to broaden your search among the best neighborhoods in Seattle and not settle on a single, dream neighborhood. You can still find options within your budget in Seattle, as well as areas just outside the city just a stone's throw from the waterfront, especially if you have roommates.

Seattle has a population of about 700,000 people, and has a fairly low crime rate - below the national standard.

Generally, Seattle has a low crime percentage. The typical stuff applies for urban area: don't' walk around the known few poor areas and dimly lit alleys late at night on your own!

We're going to say Seattle is pretty safe – much safer, in fact, when compared to other US cities.

Most areas such as the waterfront, downtown and most urban communities have low crime rates and are welcoming to explore and live in.

One would consider avoiding areas such as Pike and Pine Street, Dearborn and Yesler Way, especially late at night.

So, when looking for apartments in downtown Seattle or looking for downtown luxury apartments or studios it's the same as anywhere else; if you know the few bad spots in the city, simply avoid them and you will have a pleasant and welcoming time in Seattle.

Seattle is a sprawling city with heaps of neighborhoods to investigate, a vivacious midtown center, and a half-carny waterfront that draws in the ocean and a lot of vacationers. However, Seattle is infamous for its gridlocks. Most tourists and new residents discover they do fine and dandy here by walking, or utilizing public transportation. Except if you're anticipating requiring a ton of road trips out of the city, you needn't bother with your own vehicle to appreciate a get-away in Seattle. You also won't need a car if you're looking for apartments in downtown Seattle that are close to work!

Remember Seattle only has a population of about 700,000 people. While it is sprawling along the water front it is not New York City! Belltown, Seattle Center, South Lake Union, the waterfront, and Pioneer Square are genuinely smaller and walk able areas. There is likewise a decent transport framework, and a light-rail framework that connects Seattle to the airport and makes a few stops en route.

Whether you are looking to rent cheap apartments in Seattle on reddit, craigslist or other listings, we can help get you started!

At the start of your renting or buying journey we always recommend getting a bicycle or walking around your desired neighborhoods and looking for signs for rent. While this may seem like a time consuming task it is super useful to walk around the neighbourhood that you want to live in to see what it's like! Moreover, sometimes locals first put up signs for rent in their neighbourhood physically before resorting to online advertising in an attempt to preserve a community feeling.

Of course, once you know your neighborhood and know the criteria, you can go online and check the numerous online platforms and search for your specific criteria! Happy apartment hunting!

If you have been considering renting a home or thinking about buying a home we know that it can be overwhelming to look at the endless options in terms of listings. On the other hand the market is pretty competitive and the best properties get taken quickly. To help you in your journey and real estate we have included an overview of some of the best rental sites for this year.

We did our best to find an assortment of the best websites that can offer you affordable apartments in Seattle with various search criteria from finding 2 bedrooms or including keyword searches with pools or looking for particular neighborhoods with amenities! Whatever your needs to rent or buy in Seattle we are here to help!

Zillow, Realtor.com and the MLS Are all great places to start in terms of finding and search criteria. ApartmentLove.com has also created a seamless and user-friendly apartment listing site which currently covers all of U.S and Canada.

Realtor.com, Craigslist, and Pad Mapper, also offer great options and have up to date listings, often without third party agencies involved, which means you can reach landlords directly and fast! Also don't forget reddit can be a great place to look for niche properties, you can try searching on reddit like: cheap apartments seattle reddit.

Renting and buying in Seattle can be overwhelming but these are some of the resources that are going to help you make the best decision for your new home. Happy Hunting!

When it comes to finding 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments in Seattle it all comes down to having various methods of searching.

On the one hand, walking around neighborhood, or biking around can give you access to smaller or private listings that might not be available online, or that may be published o line only after the landlords have tried to list the add physically in their neighbourhood.

Online, there are sites such as ApartmentLove.com, MLS, Realtor, Craigslist, and Zillow – all offering robust reach filters to help you pinpoint your next home!

Realtor.com, Craigslist, and Pad Mapper, also offer great options and have up to date listings, often without third party agencies involved, which means you can reach landlords directly and fast! Also don't forget reddit can be a great place to look for niche properties, you can try searching on reddit like: cheap apartments seattle reddit.

When looking online, make sure to utilize the search functions and prioritize your searches with most recent listings. Chances are with today's hot real estate market older listing may be already taken. So it is best to first scan the new listings before reaching out to older ones as well.

The cost of renting a home is an important factor in terms of living standards for working class people. With homeownership increasingly less affordable for working people especially young people and young families, about half of Seattle is renting.

While Seattle does not have rent control measures in place, there is a growing movement fighting to win rent control in Seattle. At this time landlords can increase rent with at least 60 days notice to tenants in Seattle. However, prices tend to follow market trends and Seattle has an average price of about $1900 to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in Seattle, which is within reach for most working couples. This also places Seattle outside the top 8 most expensive cities in the US, including New York and San Francisco taking the lead. So, given Seattle's growing tech space, it is reasonably priced. While there is no official rent control, market trends and historical data tend to help apartment hunters - whether looking for 2-bedroom apartments in north Seattle, or studios in the downtown core.

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